Room Requirements

Minimal area

10 m2

Minimal height

3.5 m

Minimal door width

950 mm


Tile or marble is recommended

Base – solid, providing a support for 500 kg of the system load and 350 kg of the staff

Surface – smooth, minimizing room dust levels

Walls and ceiling

Surfaces should not emit foreign matter

Internal communications

External cooling circuit main:
  • Water pressure in the external circuit – 3-6 atm
  • Water intake and not less than 5 l/min
  • Drainage (if needed) not less than 5 l/min
  • Inflow temperature 15-20 °С
Compressed air main:
  • Pressure 4-5 atm
  • Flow rate not more than 1 m3/h
Gases mains:
  • Pressure 4-5 atm
  • H2 flow rate not more than 1000 sccm
  • N2(Ar) flow rate not more than 1000 sccm
  • CH4 flow rate not more than 150 sccm
  • O2 flow rate not more than 50 sccm

Electrical supply

Three-phase five-wire AC network with zero and ground conductor (380 V, 50 Hz, 40 A)

External grounding network

Heat dissipation through the system hull

Up to 1 kW

Heat dissipation through the water cooling system

Up to 9 kW


Air extraction not less than 16 m3/h

Local firefighting equipment

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers


Temperature up to 35 °C

Relative humidity up to 80% (at temperature up to 31 °C)

Atmospheric pressure 70-106 kPa